Custom Software Development


Custom Software Development

Bring that software idea you’ve been thinking about to life. Our team of user experience experts and software engineers will help you build a software product upon which your business can grow. Our experts can bring your vision to life.

We make custom software development simple and cost effective

Full-stack, creative & business oriented software solutions that drive revenue and scale up enterprises.

We deliver web, mobile and desktop software solutions that broadly fall under 3 main categories – management of B2B, B2C interactions and internal operations. Our software confidently works across all popular browsers, OSes and mobile platforms, scales to millions of users and delivers immaculate UX through a clear, logical layout and smooth workflows.

Software for internal processes management

We design and build applications that optimize or elegantly transform your internal business processes by streamlining operations, improving their transparency, driving employees’ efficiency, enhancing interdepartmental communication and improving reporting and planning.

  • ERP systems.
  • SCM systems.
  • Financial management systems.
  • HR management software.
  • Project management software.
  • Asset management software.
  • Business Intelligence (BI) tools.
  • Industry-specific solutions (electronic health record (EHR), manufacturing execution systems (MES)).
  • Collaboration systems.

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B2C applications

We can build customer-facing applications that facilitate experience with your brand, drive brand awareness, impress and retain your customer thus letting your business stand out and grow its market share. To satisfy the demands of modern users, we pay special attention to striking design, ease of use and high performance in application we create and deliver.

  • Customer portals.
  • Self-service portals.
  • eCommerce solutions.
  • Marketing automation software.
  • Gamification software.
  • Payment systems.
  • Client apps: mobile banking, shopping apps, patient apps.

B2B applications

We can create feature-rich, failure-resistant and powerful applications that ensure convenient B2B environment for the exchange of services, products and data between businesses. Our team professionally deals with the specifics of B2B applications, such as an extended group of project stakeholders, long-running business processes, intensive negotiations, unique sales models, the inclusion of additional services and follow-ups in the application functionality, various payment options.

  • Vendor portals, trade portals (B2B ecommerce), procurement portals.
  • Order management systems.
  • B2B marketing solutions.
  • Billing and invoicing software.
  • Contract management systems.

Must-Haves of Software We Develop

The following fundamentals are an integral part of every project we work on:

  • Quick prototyping.
  • Valuable functionality.
  • Future-proof architecture (mobile-, integration-, cloud-ready; SOA, microservices-based, etc.).
  • Clean and stable code.
  • Focus on quality at every stage of software development life cycle.
  • Efficient UX.
  • Fast delivery of the first version and iterative development further.
  • Undemanding support and smooth evolution.

We Take Communication with the Customers Seriously

We see efficient collaboration as a critical factor for successful long-term cooperation and always strive to build open communication, mutual respect and effective interaction with our customers from the very beginning.

  • We tailor the communication content and timing for busy senior-level executives.
  • We are self-managed and easily manageable.
  • We organize our processes for the advantage of accountability and visibility.
  • We eagerly cooperate with your operations, 3rd party application developers, SaaS providers, etc.
  • We are ready to work under the direct control of non-IT departments of the customer.
  • We continuously stay in contact and are easily reachable via your preferred communication channel.

Discovery and development

You have just a general concept of a future solution?

We can transform the idea into detailed requirements and specifications that will comprehensively cover the business needs, bring real improvements to business processes, and drive employee satisfaction and customer value. We have an in-house team of 20+ business analysts who follow the latest business, tech and marketing trends, have experience in manufacturing, retail, healthcare, banking and financial services, telecom and other industries as well as across multiple internal and external business operations. A dedicated BA or a team of BAs, on their own or in collaboration with your BAs, will:

Explore the specific business needs and opportunities, consider relevant regulatory constraints.

Elicit, gather, process opinions and expectations of all parties involved.

Structure and prioritize the requirements for future software solution based on business value.

Analyze requirements-related risks.

Provide solid time and budget estimations and assess project feasibility.

Create a proof of concept.

Create UI/UX design, workflow prototypes and mockups.

To ensure the high quality of our solutions as well as to deliver software within agreed time and budget constraints, we involve our QA team in the project from its very beginning. They review requirements and user stories, architecture design, technology compatibility and proceed to test planning.

You’ve already prepared your requirements specification?

Share your precise preferences with our team and we’ll do the rest to turn your vision into a ready-to-go solution.


We verify your software runs as planned and complies with all set requirements and your data is protected. Wherever reasonable, we employ test automation to decrease testing time and costs.

Deployment and set-up

We get the software running in your IT environment, train, if needed, your support team and show the employees how to use it.

After-release support

For 1-3 months, we answer your after-release questions, manage incidents, configuration changes and updates. Upon agreement, we can continue taking care of the enhanced performance, stability and evolution of your application after the warranty support is over.


We employ the proven combination of the latest and classic trusted technologies, having the following technology stack as our basis:

Front end:

HTML, CSS, JavaScript (Angular, React, Backbone, Meteor, etc.).

Back end:

.NET, Java, Python, PHP, Node.js.


iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Apache Cordova, Xamarin.


Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, SQL Azure, PostgreSQL.

Big data:

Apache Hadoop, Apache Spark, Apache Cassandra, Apache Kafka, Apache Zookeeper, Amazon RedShift, Amazon DynamoDB, MongoDB, Azure CosmosDB.


Docker, Kubernetes, Ansible, Chef, Puppet, Jenkins, GitLab CI/CD.

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